PSKMNC Opportunities


We believe in developing emerging opportunities into sustainable businesses using a combination of knowledge, expertise and skills. The Sectors in which we are present hold tremendous potential when compared with Global standards. The emerging Businesses in growing Economies of South East Asia covering ASEAN countries and South Asia covering India potentially cover a population of over 3 billion and enormous resources. We are motivated on emerging markets of Indian sub-continent and South East Asia. We believe in working in transparent relationship and aspire to achieve excellence in growth through innovation, hard work and by forging partnerships with local businesses.

Our information systems enable us to see opportunities across geo-political boundaries and having adaptability to changing business dynamics. We have our network across Middle East, South Asia and ASEAN Counties covering Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia.

India is just one of the international markets in which we find new business opportunities for globally-minded companies a way to take advantage of India's phenomenal potential for growth.

PSK is able to reliably and professionally help you grow your business in India sub-continent. We are interested to focus on the following areas:

  • Energy saving opportunity technology for better efficiency.
  • Early warning System products and services.
  • Disaster prevention solutions
  • Renewable Energy solutions – Solar -Wind
  • Building Management