• EFR GmbH, Germany
    Introduction of Long Wave Radio Based infrastructure and services (time signal, power management, weather information etc...) in India in Joint Venture with them.

    Jointly undertake hi-tech diverse projects include extensive WAN infrastructures, Datacentres Setup, Indoor & Outdoor Secure WiMax& Wi-Fi, Video Conferencing, IP Telephony, Campus LANs, Intra City Fiber Optic Connectivity as well as Advanced Server and Desktop Level OS and Application Configuration


PSK has offices in New Delhi, Hyderabad and Kolkata. As such, PSK is positioned to provide assistance to its partners and customers from many locations, with the strength and added value of its international business intelligence. PSK is strongly positioned in the field of energy efficiency, renewable energy, disaster prevention management and early warning solutions, telecommunication technology oriented products and services. We have highly qualified team of individual associates to support and advise the ventures / project undertaken by us. PSK prides itself in long-standing relationships with potential customers& alliances. PSK takes the initiative in establishing the venture or projects on a partnership basis with the partner companies where both companies share risks and rewards. PSK help bring in global perspective to local business by providing technical, managerial and financial solutions and partnerships to develop business opportunities into commercially viable businesses. PSK provides the support to business preparations in following services:

  • Educating Potential Customers about the systems/services/equipment that we plan to market/sell
  • Marketing and sales for markets of interest to potential customers
  • Act as protocol converters – deal with the partner company with global protocol and with Indian customers with Indian protocol. In other words, we take care of the local requirements.
  • Assisting customers in preparing specifications
  • Assisting the partner company in System Design, Development and Customization
  • If required, finding other suitable partners (local and/or international) to provide additional products and services. For example, purchase of towers, construction work, etc. is done by local partners
  • Purchasing those components which are available in India for a better cost to make the overall pricing very competitive
  • Development/Customization of software
  • System Integration and Testing in cooperation with our partners
  • Training with the assistance of our partners
  • Warranty and after-Warranty support (AMC)